Website Maintenance and Support (server US002)

$350.00 / month

Perfect for website managers who need priority support and a fully-managed WordPress website.


What do we offer?

Maintenance and updates

We regularly maintain and update all parts of your website, plugins, themes, etc.

Maintenance and updates

We regularly maintain and update all parts of your website, plugins, themes, etc.


Something has gone wrong due to the updates? We will fix it without extra costs.

An appropriate size web storage

You do not have to worry anymore that there is not enough storage for your site. You can have as much storage space as you need for your website.  An all of this on the latest, quickest SSD background storage devices. You will not worry about speed anymore!


We offer several types of security solutions: 24/7 supervision, virus search, DDoS protection. All our sites are given SSL (https), and you do not have to spend on this either.

Newsletter option

You can send newsletters without extra costs through our special newsletter sending server, by which we guarantee a high percentage of opens. Your newsletters will not end up in the SPAM folder.

New: premium WordPress newsletter sending and management program for free.

NEW: you will get an own server

You will not have to share with anyone! Since July 1, 2018 each of our clients gets an own server. Not a storage space, but a dedicated server, owned by only them.


Your website will always operate in the most efficient manner. We will speed you up. Loading speed may even reach 0.3-1 second.

No limit

We are happy when your website works well. We will never limit your access because your website has too many visitors. Our aim is just that!


You can always contact somebody by phone when you have questions regarding your website or its management. In our company, everybody is competent enough to help you. Each client gets a dedicated developer they can always contact by mobile, or through email.

We can promise you one thing: you will never have to correspond with a customer service manager who does not know anything and has to ask about everything.

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